Our real estate business is much more than just houses, rentals and flipping projects.  We moved to Florida to get out of the big city life and find a community that we could be apart of and by extension make our business and lives part of this community.  We have four key principles that we use to focus our business and improve our community:

  • Give Back – We are dedicated to putting more back into YOUR neighborhood and our community.  Without you or neighbors, friends and business associates there would be no Honolua Homes and we understand that.  We strive to make every property and life we touch better and to making our community a better place.
  • It’s Not About Us – most businesses are built to put money in the pockets of those that control it.  And while Honolua Homes is a for-profit company the money is not our priority.  We know that if we do this job with high level of integrity, a focus on customer satisfaction and creating well paying opportunities for those that work for us we will have a comfortable lifestyle.  But at the end of the day, this isn’t really about us.  It’s about those individuals that purchase/rent houses from us and those we work and interact with and if we treat them right the favor will be returned.
  • Customer Satisfaction – the bottom line is we’re not happy until you’re happy and we will take every reasonable action within our power to correct that.  This is why we perform our own FHA approval inspections prior to listing a house for sale.  This is why we sell houses that include a home warranty.  This is why we will come back months after we’ve sold a property to fix something that we probably don’t need to fix.  We want you to see the “Honolua Homes” logo and implicitly know what comes with that.
  • Walk A Mile In Your Shoes – at Honolua Homes we only fix, sell and rent properties that we would live in.  Yes, I’d love a jetted tub and massive back yard but I don’t necessarily need that to live safely and comfortably.  Some people love investing in the worst parts of town and barely managing properties to obtain the maximum amount of benefit – that is not us.  If our family wouldn’t live in that neighborhood or house, we won’t touch it.  We want you and your family to have the opportunity to experience a great neighborhood and an amazing home – we won’t have it any other way.